Royale Pandas Club is a community-owned NFT project that was born from the ashes of misfortune. When Rogue Pandas Club was rug-pulled by the original founders, the project was adopted by a dedicated community member, who had aspirations for its future

The founders pulled out of the project not long after the initial sale, leaving a community of NFT holders without hope. Because the original project owners provided some of the utility before they left, a great foundation remained to be built upon. After a little bit of reworking, Royale Pandas Club is ready to turn the misfortune around to build something that our holders truly deserve.



The Royale Pandas Club is a community owned, casino-themed NFT project dedicated to providing luck to its holders.

This NFT project isn’t just a display of creative artwork, and instead provides holders with an outlet to enjoy a digital casino experience, and benefit from it. Boasting a range of classic card and casino games, the project rewards holders with a percentage of casino takings. At the Royale Club, Pandas profit just as much as they play.



What was the previous name Royale Pandas Club?

It was Rogue Pandas.

How many Royale Pandas NFTs will there be after the Seven is the New Even takes place?

There will be a total of 1,111 Genesis Collection.

How do I get a Genesis Collection?

Ownership of a Royale Panda can only be obtained by owning and burning 7 Rogue Pandas.

What is $RPC?

$RPC is our native token, which will be used to participate in games on our site. (With Added Value)

Why has the supply decreased?

Decreasing the supply is the best way for us to find new value for the collection. Less NFTs means a better chance at increasing the floor and rewarding those that stuck by the project.